Wednesday, September 28, 2011


So, I thought about something today while pondering what to blog about, (besides my beloved Monday Memes) and I realized that I don't talk about reading much.  I mean, yes, I've talked about my love of the Vampire Academy books but besides that I don't talk about what else I'm reading.  And you guys, I read A LOT.  Like, when I sit back and wonder where my time went, there is a big, blinking, neon sign that points to the hours spent on my couch reading.  I've literally told friends that I can't go out because I'm in the middle of a book.  It's what I do. 

Anyway, I figure I'll mention some of the books I've read recently and my thoughts on them and then I'm going to ask (plead, beg, wimper) for reading suggestions from you all.  Deal?  Deal.  Here we go:

So, probably a week ago I finished a re-read of the Vampire Academy series by Richelle Mead.  I won't talk about them that much because I feel like it's all I do, but I'll just say that they are SO GOOD.  Not only well written but well thought out, heartbreaking, ballsy and everything that a book should be.  Read it.

A quick non-fiction book, which is kind of weird for me, but I read If You Have to Cry, Go Outside by Kelly Cutrone.  If you're not familiar with her, look her up.  I guess I like ballsy ladies because she tells it like it is, while also digging deep into her flaws to help you get to a better place.  The title says it all and is my own personal, non-crying motto.  Also, you've probably seen her on The Hills and her show on Bravo a while ago.  I. Love. Her.

I made my way back into fiction with Wildefire by Karsten Knight, who I totally have a crush on.  Maybe it's because there aren't enough male writers my age out there, but it's probably because he's totally cute and he wrote a really, really good book.  I mean, it's about a Volcano Goddess.  Also, it has a killer cliff hanger/shut-up-no-he-didn't moment.  Again, read it.

And I just finished Across the Universe by Beth Revis and then promptly googled when the next book in the trilogy will come out because it was amazing.  I've always loved that books can make you feel things and this book literally makes you feel claustrophobic right along with the main character and also giggly when the cute stuff comes up.  It tackles really huge societal issues (Hello, liberal studies major here! Love that!) while still letting the MC's be teenagers.  Full. Of. Goodness.  Read it, and then prepare to read the next book, A Millions Suns in January. 

Okay!  So that's my reading... for the last week.  I know!  But remember, I have no life so this is completely normal.  My friends and family understand this.  Sort of. 

Before you ask, yes I do come across books that I don't like, but I won't be talking about them here.  I don't bash people because of my opinion... although I might say that I'm just not crazy about it, but still.  It's not something I'll be doing a lot.  Some of them are best sellers and that would just make people mad.  I sure as hell won't tell you to read them, though. ;)

So!  What are you reading?  What should I read?  Tell me!  Seriously.


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