Monday, September 5, 2011

The last two weeks, in pictures.

It's been too long!  Quick recap: My sister got married, I hung out with family in Delaware, didn't sleep much.  Returned home only to wake up the next day with the flu/cold/death sickness that didn't go away for almost a week in a half.  The fall semester started, I've revised MISFITS a little, started planning out a new project, read some books, watched Sons of Anarchy season 3, reorganized my bookcases and then started this blog post.  That doesn't really capture how crazy it's been.  Maybe pictures will?  Let's see...

The view from the balcony at my sister's wedding.

My Sick Kit on the couch.

Cat # 2, Blaze. Another part of the Sick Kit.

Also Cat #1, BooBoo.

Then school started and these started piling up.

New notebook, which I love.  Science? Not as much.

Me & my BFF's obsession.  If it's wrong, I don't want to be right.

I hit up Borders and needed to find a home for these.

My fav bookcase and fav books.

The whole thing. Almost full. Must add on.

This is now!

So anyway, that's been my life, in pictures, for the last few weeks.  Exciting, huh?

Real blog posts (with words!) coming soon.


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