Wednesday, April 6, 2011

On Writing.

I've always wanted to title something "On Writing" and now I have. That's exciting!

Anyway, I've been thinking a lot lately on the different ways to write a novel... or anything, really.  I wrote for a newspaper for two years in college (for my A.S.) and I was always interested in how all of us wrote in different ways.  Some of us liked the office, some went home to write, most of us wrote in between classes on campus. (The staff was young... our editor was in her mid-twenties.  We were shaking things up in a very small town!) One of my best friends to this day was on staff with me and he would plan and plan until his article was perfect.  I, on the other hand, would pick out the best quotes and figure it out as I went.

I've noticed that a lot of authors also write in different ways as well, and it's become even more apparent since I joined Twitter.  People write at home, out in public and many different places and of course there are plotters and pantsers.  Some people keep their plots top secret, others blog about their stories as they write.  On top of that, there are critique partners, word challenges and writing groups. Tons of ways to write!

I find that I write the best at home and late at night.  My need for some sort of normalcy keeps me from writing until 4am every night.  I've stepped out of my box a lot lately and have written as much as I can during the day.  I even go to Panera sometimes to get out amongst the people!  I'm totally growing as a writer and a person, I think. 

I write pretty quickly and I'm also a pantser.  I wrote KC in a month by only scribbling down what I wanted to write about the next day.  I had no clue how the book would end, even though I did know who was responsible for everything.  I'm doing the same thing with my current WIP.  I have a friend who likes to read as I write, so she gets really bummed when she asks me questions and I don't have the answers.  I enjoy it though.  I wrote my first novel by planning out every last detail.  I was new to the whole fiction thing and tried every writing technique I came across.  I had planning boards, notebooks of character backgrounds and color coded post-its.  It was nuts.  I think I planned so much that I was tired of the book and that's what took me so long.  I should have known I would be a pantser since I don't even like figuring out what I'm going to have for dinner when I make a grocery list.

I've considered trying to find a critique partner but I'm kind of clueless on the process, so I don't know.

What about the four of you?  How do you write?  Also, what info can you give a girl on critique partners?



  1. Hi Brandy *waves* this is my first time here and I'm so excited I get to be the first to comment! First - your blog is fantastic! SO CUTE!! Oh and I see you're on twitter (watch out for me I'm @jenunedited)!

    Okay novels... writing... publication.

    I write novels when I get an idea, normally from a dream. I just sit and write for hours. It normally takes me about a week or two to finish an 80K novel. I write fast. Revisions are a b****.

    As for crit partners I think they are so important. I have two crit partners and a beta reader. They help you see things you'll normally miss and trust me as awesome as you want to think your novel is something can always be changed.

    I just asked if certain people wanted to be my crit partners. It helps if they write the same genre you do but it isn't required. I write Adult Chick lit and Young Adult, my friends only write Young Adult but they know love so it works.

    PS I'm dying to know what Killer Cupcakes is about!!!

  2. Hello, my new hero! 80k in a week or two?! That's amazing! Your daily word counts must be insane. :)

    I *think* I'm open to a crit partner. I would actually love the feedback from it, I guess I'm just kind of possesive over my ideas. Is that strange?

    I'm thinking of talking a little bit about Killer Cupcakes soon, so keep a look out for it.

    Thanks for the comment and I'm looking you up on twitter right... now. :)

  3. Hi Brandy!

    I'm new here too, just started my own blog! I'm attempting to keep a journal of sorts as I document a "serious" writing journey. I have the bad habit of starting something and never finishing it. Strangely enough the idea's in my head, they start out like grains and just grow from there, and then before I know it, I've got this almost fully developed story in my head ready to go, but then I'm just too lazy to write it. It annoys me. Sigh.

    My friend and I are collabing together for this idea we've been working on for over 3 summers, and we've finally started writing it. And what we realized was we made the mistake of not creating the character together, making them both of ours, because we became super possesive over them, to the point where if someone made a comment, we immediately felt like they were trying to attack the character, and change them into things that didn't sit well with either of us. So we tried a new angle of creating and compromising (a heck of a lot) to create our characters, and funnily enough, me the most anal neurotic person I know, was able to compromise and negotiate. I had to put my pride aside, and take in the feedback I was given 'cause at the end of the day, I know that people aren't maliciously trying to put my work down. They're trying to help me, better me as a writer.

    So always reminding myself of that, helps me quiet down the possessive beast within. :P

    Anyway on critique partners, you can check out the Absolute Write forums, they're free and awesome, they have a wealth of resources at your finger tips, you can find critique partners, beta readers, etc. It's really helpful.

    My mum just sent her application to the Romance Writers of America. You have to pay a fee but, I think it's well worth it. They offer the same thing as Absolute Write plus more, its a very prestigous affair, or so I've heard. :P You can check up the sites, I put the links underneath. :)

    I've been doing a lot of research for her, and I've found a great deal of links on writing resources. If you want I can put them up on my blog or twitter(jadedtana)?

    Anyway happy writings, oh and big congrats on the Speed Dating Comp! <3

  4. Thanks Tana! Good luck with your writing and your moms as well.