Thursday, April 11, 2013

On Queries...

Querying is weird, okay?  Let's just get that out of the way.  I've been thinking about this since I wrote an e-mail to the Super Amazing Beta and Human Jennifer Pickrell in which I was whining complaining updating her on my query situation, and I finally decided I needed to get it out.

Querying is weird and hard and awesome and the most hopeful and devastating thing a writer can do.  It's the time where we all at once decide that we've written something good enough for an agent to read and also when we know that we're horrible writers who deserve all of those rejections.  It's just weird.

And yet, here we are, years, months and days into this torture because we want somebody to love the voices in our heads that fought to get out as much as we do.  Weird.

I can remember my first partial request and my first full request.  I also remember my first rejection.  I like to think of myself now as a seasoned querier who lets rejection roll off her back like a duck with water... unless I get a few in a row, because then I know I've been fooling myself with the years I've put into writing.  Of course, two days after I decide to quit and join a circus or something, I get a full request and I remember that there might, just maybe, be some skill left in me, and so what do I do?

I send out more queries.

I'm actually querying two books right now, which is a little weird and involves a lot of organization and e-mail folders, but I'm getting good feedback, despite still getting rejections right along with it.  I've decided with these though, and especially MISFITS because there has been more interest in it than any other book I've written, that I'm not going to give up on it.  I've got a Touch 'Em All mentality with this book that I'm going to send it out to every single agent that will read it (within their guidelines, obviously) and I just have to put up with all of those rejections until someone loves it.

In the past, I feel like I've given up pretty quickly because, let's face it, rejections suck.  And it's very easy to get beaten up by all of them and assume that since X number of agents didn't like it, no one will.  I'm not going to do that this time, so at least I'll know I've done everything I can to find the person who loves my books before I move on.

In the meantime, I'll keep writing, which is actually the most blissful thing I do on a daily basis, and also querying.  Because I like weird, apparently.

Anybody else out there need to vent?  Go for it.