Thursday, August 9, 2012

I'm still alive!

Quick update! I'm writing like a crazy person.  If you look to the right you'll see the New WIP progress bar and that's my new baby!  I wasn't sure about it at first but now I love these characters so much.  I'm calling it TSB (because I like secrets!)  It's not really like anything I've ever written before.  It's very character driven and so far, no one's life has been threatened (well, kind of), there is no conspiracy and no supernatural creatures have shown up either.  I don't even know who I am anymore. :)

I'm also getting ready to dive into some pretty big revisions... I think.  It's complicated.  But that's my plan for the fall before NaNoWriMo.

I'm really excited for WriteOnCon next week as well.  Last year my sister's wedding fell right in the middle of it and I was in Delaware, so I'm really going to enjoy it this year.  I've also entered the first page of MISFITS into the first page contest.  I figure it can't hurt, right?

So that's been my summer so far.  Writing.  That's really it.  I think I've been to the pool twice and I haven't seen a beach in a really long time.  I'm getting my glow from my laptop this year!

Okay, quick update over.  I need to grocery shop since I realized that there is no food in my apartment.  I should probably vacuum also.