Wednesday, May 29, 2013

I heart books

So, by nature, I'm kind of a private person.  I've never been one to tell everyone my life story... well, ever, but much less right when I meet them.  I'm also a Scorpio, and that might just explain everything.  Either way, word has gotten around at my job that I signed with a literary agent and this has led to questions like, "You write books?  What kind of books?  Oh, like Twilight? When will your book be out?  Can I read it?"  To which I answer, "Yes. Young Adult.  Not so much.  No clue, and maybe someday."

Of course, this has also led to me recommending YA books that everyone should read, talking more about books in general and basically opening up the Library of Brandy to get them started.  Last week, my boss (who, I just found out, LOVES to read) said that she didn't understand why it had taken so long to see this side of me and that she wished she'd seen it sooner.  She also called me weird (in a good way) because my voice did that squeaky, geeking out thing that happens when I talk about books I really love.

I think most of the reason I don't tell people I write books is exactly because of all of those questions that I know will follow.  But I've also realized that by me not telling people, they're never really getting to know me.  For instance, if I had to list my favorite things to do, the top 3 would be: Write, Read and Talk About Books.  Now that I'm thinking about it, I have no idea what I've been talking to people about.

I guess there's no better time like the present to open up a little, since hopefully someday soon lots of people will not only know I write book but will also have the chance to read them.  Maybe by the time that happens, I can get over the whole awkward, squeaky voice thing, because it's kind of embarrassing.

In other news: I'm diving into my TBR pile.  While other people love to head outside when the weather heats up, I get a nostalgic feelings for summer reading.  There's nothing like my couch, a good book and air conditioning!

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  1. Damnit, Blogger keeps eating my comments. You may get like 2 million from me. Sorry about that. All I wanted to say was that I like summer reading, too!