Friday, May 17, 2013

An Agent Story

You know how sometimes you research an agent and you see something, just a little something, that makes you think, "We could be good together!"?  Well, I thought that a few months ago, when I found the bio of Becca Stumpf at Prospect Agency.  It was this one line in her bio that said, "Fantasy/SciFi is not just for nerds anymore, so let's bring it to the masses!"  Of course, I'm 100 percent nerd, but I'm the kind of nerd that's constantly trying to get people to come see the next Marvel movie with me, not just because they're awesome, but so I can enlighten them.  Know what I mean?

So anyway, I felt that I could really get on board with the whole bringing Fantasy/SciFi to the masses with MISFITS, so I crossed my fingers and sent the query.  Well, guess what guys???  I am now represented by the amazingly bright, helpful and fun Becca Stumpf!

It was a big decision and I had some other things going on, but one phone call with Becca sealed the deal.  Number one, she's really knowledgeable, great to talk to and she loves MISFITS -and let me tell you- I've been waiting a loooong time for that!  Number two, she laughs a lot and makes me want to sit and have coffee with her just to talk about books and other fun things.  But also, I really feel good about working with her.  I think we're really on the same page about my books and my career, not to mention that right when I logged on to my e-mail to tell her I wanted to work with her, she e-mailed me to check in.  Like, at the very same time.

I'm not one to talk about fate or anything... but come on!

So now it's time to get to work.  I'm excited and a little (a lot) overwhelmed, but I'm ready.  Also, anything that can be documented will totally be documented here.  To show people what it's like, of course, but also to serve as proof that this is actually, finally happening.

So my last post about queries and how hard it is?  Totally true, but please don't give up.  Seriously, just don't, okay?  Okay.

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